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House passes immigration bill to protect ‘dreamers,’ offer a path to citizenship

Posted OnJune 5, 2019 0
The House on Tuesday passed a bill that would offer a path to citizenship to more than 2 million undocumented immigrants, including “dreamers” who were brought to the United States as…
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Its Not a Dj Crew It's a Movement

UDJ Inc Welcomes DJ ClaSICK

Posted OnMay 12, 2019 0
UDJ INC NC Welcomes straight from NYC DJ ClaSICK ! Stay tuned for his show DJ ClaSICK Presents: The Indy Artist Realm returning to the airwaves from right here in NC soon via all digital media…
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Estreno: Juan Luis Guerra 4.40 – Kitipun

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J Balvin llega como el más nominado a Latin Grammy

Los músicos españoles Enrique Bunbury y Pablo Alborán son dos de los artistas que rendirán homenaje a Maná versionando mañana las canciones más famosas de los mexicanos durante la entrega del…
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Walmart to employees: Go to college for $1 a day

Posted OnMay 31, 2018 0
Walmart will subsidize college degrees for its 1.5 million associates in the U.S., which will allow employees to obtain degrees for about $1 a day, the company said May 30. Walmart and Sam's Club…
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